Ambassador Program

Eliminating post-harvest losses with your help

Becoming an ambassador

Welcome to the Wakati Ambassador Program. Becoming an ambassador means working together with Wakati to eliminate post-harvest food losses in the food supply chain of your country.

Steps to become a Wakati ambassador

You can provide or you have

Willingness to buy a Wakati product (amount should not exceed five).
Wakati with feedback about the ambassador program and the product.
Wakati with test results on fresh fruits & vegetables stored within the product.
A business where Wakati can or would be valuable to your process.
Acquaintances in an emerging country whom can benefit from Wakati.

Supporting our ambassadors

Wakati supports its ambassadors by providing (POS) marketing materials, personal support and up-to-date information, in order for them to do their work well. In return, Wakati asks their ambassadors for updates on the Wakati product. Also, when becoming an ambassador, Wakati asks for test results on the fruits and vegetables that have been stored in the Wakati.

All the (marketing) material can be found on your personal log-in page, which you will be granted access to when Wakati has reviewed your application.

With you as a trusted ambassador, Wakati wants to keep innovating and optimising the product, to tackle global food loss together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wakati One and what does the technology do?

Wakati One is an alternative technology that increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables for smallholder farmers in developing countries. With a small solar panel of just three Watts, Wakati creates a sterilized micro climate that dramatically increases the shelf life of these crops.

What does the Ambassador Program entail?

The ambassador program has been made for people who are enthusiastic about Wakati’s new storage technology and actively seek interaction with us. With the Ambassador Program Wakati wants to expand its reach and help smallholder farmers with their post-harvest storage solutions. Through the Ambassador Program new opportunities and partnerships arise. The persons seeking contact with Wakati through the Ambassador Program create an account through which they can state who they are and for what purposes they want to buy a unit.

When having had contact with Wakati and having signed the terms and conditions, you can officially call yourself ambassador of Wakati and you can buy the units you need (should not exceed five). When being an ambassador and having received your unit, feedback (forms are available at your account) should be given on the fruits and vegetables that were harvest within the unit as well as on the product. Wakati wants its Ambassadors to spread the word about Wakati and its product which will trigger others. When having proven to be a worthy ambassador, further partnership (distributors, dealers) may arise.

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