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Shelf life inside Wakati

Since Wakati is a product meant for daily use, we've crash tested it to make sure it holds up. Having tested its performance in extreme conditions all over the world, we are very proud about the results. Please note that the results are estimates and depend on use, region and climate.

Tomatoes Up to 30 days
Eggplants Up to 10 days
Oranges Up to 10 days
Grapes Up to 40 days
Carrots Up to 10 days
Mangos Up to 15 days
Zuccinis Up to 10 days
Cucumbers Up to 10 days
Green beans Up to 12 days
Apricots Up to 10 days
Okras Up to 10 days
Apples Up to 30 days
Pears Up to 25 days
Bananas Up to 30 days
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