Wakati is a solar-powered and standalone solution against food losses

Solar powered

1L of water per week

Store 200kg of crops

Our Technology

Protecting the crops

According to U.N. data, 45% of all fruit and vegetables is wasted before reaching the market. Wakati solves this problem by providing the world’s first standalone solution for the preservation of fruits and vegetables without using cooling.

With only one liter of water a week, Wakati enables you to store up to 200kg of fruits and vegetables. Powered by a small solar panel, no extra care is needed.

Inside Wakati Inside Wakati
Outside Wakati Outside Wakati

Our Solution

Efficient and self-regulating

The Wakati is focused on post-harvest storage at the farm-level, as the biggest impact can be made in the beginning of the supply chain. If the crops leave the farm in premium condition, food losses during transportation and at the marketplace will be significantly less.

The Wakati increases the sales position for the smallholder farmers in three ways: better quality, more crops, more time to sell and a steady supply.

Our solution is patented, as well as academically verified by the KU Leuven.

Inside Wakati Inside Wakati
Outside Wakati Outside Wakati
  • Wakati unit

  • Wakati unit

Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions for the elimination of post-harvest food losses in the global food supply chain.

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