Story of Anna Icumar
Miss Anna Icumar, her husband and daughter holding fresh crops, preserved by Wakati.

Posted on 2016-07-01 Uganda

Together with the The Hague based aid organisation Cordaid, Wakati has setup a major pilot project. 105 Units were spread out over 3 countries: Uganda, Afghanistan and Haïti. The first region to receive Wakati units was Soroti, Uganda. SOCADIDO, a local non-profit and partner to Cordaid, helped the farmers to deploy their Wakati One units. A few weeks into the program, we received positive feedback and decided to visit the region.

Meet Ms Icumar Anna, she runs one of the Ugandese farms chosen for the pilot project. Just North from Soroti, she and her husband are not only farming oranges, tomatoes and mango's, but they also form the social node for a whole community. When the Wakati team visited the farm, they were greeted by a big group of fascinated and enthousiastic people. Wakati enabled Anna and her family to bring crops to market over a span of three weeks, from one single harvest. When neighbouring farmers had excess produce, she let them use the empty space in the tent for preserving their crops.

Anna is very much looking forward to the time where the technology will be available for her entire neighbourhood.

Farmers like Anna face different challenges. They already have their hands full by dealing with pre-harvest losses caused by diseases, weather and parasites. The short buffertime for going to market creates a lot of financial loss. The farmers don't only lose their bargaining position when it comes to the pricing of their goods. Because of the harsh conditions, the crops weaken, rendering them too fragile for transportation. This way the entire supply chain falls to pieces. Wakati comes in to make shure there's high quality products at the beginning of the distribution line, this results in less waste along the way to the consumer.

In Anna's case, losses on the farm were reduced by over 50%, but also the better quality products at a better pacing compared to the demand resulted in significantly higher income.